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Adding/Changing the changeover time to between 10 and 11AM

Q: What are the residents' complaints?  Why don't we just leave it the way it is?

  • All the UofR commuters parking in front of houses instead of the UofR lots
    Lack of parking in front of my house because the street is full of commuters
  • Having to move my 2nd car between 6&7 each evening
  • Commuters encroaching on my driveway
  • Not being able to cross Eastmoreland or get out of Westview because I can’t see cross-traffic because of all the parked cars

Q: Why are all the UofR commuters on our street?  How does the UofR feel?

  • The U of R has even recently republished their policy -  that their employees are not to park on neighborhood streets, but rather in UofR lots.  Employees caught parking on neighborhood streets are subject to reprimand.  Having the UofR spot employees that don't provide & update their vehicle plate numbers as part of their employment requirement is difficult and time consuming.
  • The cost of UofR parking is high, so employees want to save a buck, not tell the UofR their plate number, and hope to not get caught.
  • The UofR is supporting this initiative.

Q: How will this work better?

  • The 10-11AM side-changing time falls in the middle of the morning of the normal workday when fewer employees would be able to consistently get out of work to move their car at the right time and regardless of weather.
  • Based upon our survey, we expect relatively few A, B and C shift commuters to then park.

Q: What are the other benefits?

  • Residents will no longer have to move their cars on the street after they get home.
  • During snowfall, plows can do one side before 10AM and the other after 11AM, having it better cleaned for evening/overnight parking.
  • Residents can have daytime guests who won't have to search for parking.
  • Streets that currently have No Parking may be able to have parking again.

Q: Why don’t we just limit the number of hours a person can park, or have no parking at all for a few hours during the workday?

  • With time limits such as 2 hour, City parking enforcement first has to mark tires and then come back after more than two hours before they can give tickets.  It takes a lot more manpower by the City, so they don’t patrol until called.  And by the time they come and come back again, the parker is usually gone, further discouraging the City from patrolling or even coming out.
  • When proposing no parking at all for some period of time, many residents said NO.  Those with narrow driveways and more than 1 car want to be able to park on the street 24x7.  Hopefully with this proposal, most cars will be at work during the changeover, leaving at most one in the driveway during changeover.

Q: How does this affect local businesses?

  • The Mount Hope Business Association is behind this proposal.
  • The owner of the buildings on Mt. Hope between Raleigh and Rossiter feels there is adequate parking in his lots for Pal Joey, Mt. Hope Diner, Game Craze, and the other businesses that he hosts.  He does not expect customers or employees to use our neighborhood streets.
  • Sheridan’s makes use of a parking lot east of Mt. Hope.
  • The building housing Second Season is currently for sale.
  • Other businesses in the neighborhood appear to have their own parking and do not need neighborhood street parking.

Q: What are the problems?

  • Local businesses have had issues with cars parking the whole day, limiting the available parking spaces for customers to conveniently park and shop.  Not only does this frustrate customers and reduce possible business, but it also encourages illegal parking and vehicle standing around business areas.
  • Driving up handicap crosswalks, along and parking on sidewalks near particular businesses.
  • Visibility of traffic when
  • Crossing or turning onto Eastmoreland from side streets.
  • Turning onto Fort Hill from side streets.
  • Driving on Westview when cars are exiting CVS.

Q: What is being proposed?

Setback of at least 50’ from the Mt. Hope sidewalk for the following, letting the remaining space revert to the regular street parking restrictions.

  • No Stopping 24x7 on Crittenden, Raleigh & Rossiter (where Mike was good with it), Lattimore, Westmoreland, Westfall, Cimarron as it is now, East Henrietta, and the new Collegetown entrance (Celebration Drive).
  • No Standing 24x7 on Irvington, Shelbourne, Elmerston, Edgemont, Whiteford, and Redfern.
  • No Standing 24xMon. thru Sat. on Brighton Park, to accommodate potential Sunday church parking.
  • On Eastmoreland, at least a 50’ No Standing setback from the intersections with Shelbourne, Elmerston and Edgemont.
  • On Fort Hill, at least a 50’ No Standing setback from the intersections with Westview and Southview.
  • On Westview, No Stopping between at least 50’ south the CVS exit and Elmwood.

Q: Why make changes now?

  • When Collegetown proceeds, UofR employee parking will be much more of a premium.
  • The solution is as much proactive as reactive.
  • As signs are changed for the parking crossover proposal, it would make best use of City employee time to concurrently remedy the other safety concerns noted.

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